You Can Sleep Better

Most of us wish we could sleep better at some point in our lives. Often a few bad nights sleep can be rectified with no major impact on our daily lives. But if you regularly sleep badly your body gradually becomes so sleep deprived that your whole physical and mental well-being is affected.

Common Scenarios

  • Just as you drop off to sleep, something/anything jolts you awake.
  • You manage to fall asleep but then you wake up incredibly early and you just can’t get back to sleep.
  • You can’t get to sleep, yet you are absolutely exhausted and your eyes are prickling. Your brain will just not shut off and allow you to relax and fall asleep.
  • Your brain won’t shut down as you are worrying about things that you have or haven’t done.
  • Your’e too hot or too cold which continually wakes you during the night.
  • Your partner is snoring or breathing ‘loudly’ and it is really irritating.
  • You’ve gone to bed really late to ensure that you sleep better, but still you can’t.

Do any of these sound familiar?

From Cradle to Bed

As a newborn baby, we slept a lot as that was all we knew. All we needed to sleep was a full tummy, warmth and a cosy sleeping place.

As we got older, we became more active and our sleep needs reduced. However our bodies still needed a set amount of sleep. But as a small child, how did we know when to sleep and when not to? Generally we slept when we were tired or in time with a bedtime routine or when our parents told us to go to bed.

Once you reached your teens, your hourly sleep needs peaked and you tried to get as much as you could and when you could so long as it didn’t interfere with school and socializing.

When you reach adulthood and have a job, family and responsibilities to deal with, sleep suddenly is not always at the top of your list of priorities and can take a back seat. There are so many other things going on in your waking life and hey using some of your sleeping hours to get chores done sounds like a good option. Or not.

The Importance of a Routine

Not every child has a bedtime routine but I am a staunch supporter of a consistent bed time plan.

All my kids had a routine and they all slept well.

A good bedtime routine when you were a child may have involved dinner, a fun bath time followed by some quiet time such as a bedtime story. Then you were tucked in snugly into warm in bed in a quiet room where you felt safe and you drifted off to sleep. See more details here!

Like small children, adults too need a bedtime routine. It may sound babyish but it isn’t and it is key to helping you sleep better.

Hands up if you go to bed at different times depending on what needs doing that evening. Or perhaps you spend the evening surfing the internet, filling out forms, finishing off emails, preparing packed lunches, cleaning the kitchen, watching late night movies…..and each night is different depending on what needs doing.

You have no routine but just do what needs to get done that night.

Basically you’ve got into bad habits and those bad habits are preventing you from sleeping properly.

Solving sleep issues is not about what you need to do but about what you need not to do.

Many people jump on the band wagon of taking sleeping pills. These are not a cure. They are like putting on a band-aid.The really issue of why you can’t sleep will still be there.

So the aim of this website is to help you find out those ‘bad habits’ and other issues and to help you fix them so that you can have a ‘good nights sleep’ EVERY NIGHT.

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