Fresh healthy breakfast

Three Simple Breakfast Diet Meals

It has been said many times before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what about those of us focused on nutritious diet meals who wish to to enjoy a satisfying first meal of the day? Fear not, fellow dieters! Read on to discover some delicious, high-fiber, low-calorie breakfast options.


Did you know that one cup of oatmeal provides more than four grams of fiber and about 60 calories per serving? It’s true!

Fast, delicious, nutritious, and cheap – oatmeal remains a go-to breakfast option for the calorie-conscious worldwide.

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

For a hot, delicious breakfast sandwich that delivers less than 250 calories and roughly six grams of fiber, try a veggie breakfast sandwich!

Simply scramble an egg, toss in a handful of spinach or broccoli, then add to some toasted whole grain bread. You may wish to substitute the bread for a whole wheat bagel or English muffin option. Wash down this fiber-rich meal with a glass of tomato juice.


smoothie drink

If you prefer not to eat a very heavy solid food breakfast in the morning, that’s okay. How about a smoothie? At just over five grams of fat and less than 250 calories, a strawberry-banana smoothie just might be the best choice for you.

Add to your blender a cup of strawberries, a half-cup of plain no-fat yogurt, half a banana, a half-cup of orange juice, and just a few ice cubes. Blend it all together and you’ll have a nutritious first meal of the day in minutes.

Don’t let breakfast be anything less than nutritious, delicious, satisfying, and quick!

Your diet is what sets the foundation for weight loss

Many people may wonder how important their diets are in comparison to exercise when it comes to weight loss. However, it takes no more than some basic observations understand the answer to the question.

One observation I’m sure everyone is already familiar with is how much easier it is to put on weight than it is to lose it. This is because our bodies are much more efficient at storing fat than it is burning it. For example, you might manage to burn 600 calories if you ran for 6 miles but take a moment to think how simple it would be to gain it all back.

To put that into perspective, a McDonald’s quarter pounder hamburger with bacon and cheese is approximately 600 calories. How long does it take to down one of those?

You may have heard the popular saying “you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet” and that certainly rings true; in fact, it’s entirely possible to lose weight without exercise. I’ve actually given it a try and can personally attest to the fact myself after going from 260lbs to 170lbs over the course of a couple years.

Then on the other hand one could argue that the “no exercise” method may prove to be far more difficult than simply setting aside some time once in a while to workout or at the very least engage in any activity that is reasonably physically demanding.

Fresh healthy breakfast

While exercise is an excellent way to complement your weight loss plan and is highly recommended, this blog weighs more focus towards getting your daily diet in order because in terms of weight loss it’s what counts the most. Aside from diet recommendations, there will also be food recipes, cooking instructions, and general strategies you can employ to ensure a steady and successful diet.

Be sure to comment below our send a message via the contact form if you have any feedback, suggestions or advice regarding the direction of the blog. Hopefully the information you’ll find here will be informative and prove useful on your journey towards your weight loss goals.


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