OOLER sleep system

The New OOLER Sleep System From Chili Technology

History About The Ooler’s Inventors.

Over a decade ago, Tara and Todd Youngblood were tired of being tired. Using the art experience of Tara, they started to search for an answer. The majority of the goods they discovered did not fix the sleep issue.

Decided to investigate sleep appropriately, Tara turned to her experience in science. Nearly 300 books and 2000 articles later, it became evident that temperature-controlled sleep was the clue. VLPO Neurons in the brain are our sleep “on or off” button, and temperature triggers them.

Todd’s background in sales and products development was a perfect pairing to the scientific understanding of Tara, and together, they started to create their own products.

Todd’s enthusiasm for sleep went more profound than most, as his uncle was the creator of the waterbed and inspiration for adding water in their solution. After years refining the product, pushed by thermodynamics to meet thermal load to cooling sleep, Chili was conceived.

Chili Technology part of Kryo Inc. is the result of Todd and Tara getting some of the most educated and hardest working experts in the industry to make their vision come alive.

What Is The New “OOLER” Sleep System?

When you receive the box delivered to your residence, you will find easy instruction booklet which lets you know there is an app you can download for free.  If you do not have a smartphone no worries you can just continue to read your booklet.  Inside your box you should find the following:

Control Unit

Meet the cornerstone of optimized sleep delivering powerful performance throughout the night, every night.

  • Highly effective water-based cooling and heating
  • Variable ambient sound control
  • low profile size is suitable for most beds
  • blue light blocking lens with the auto dim appearance
  • large reservoir with low water indicator
  • System auto cleans with UV lighting

Hydronic Pad

The hydronic pad is where the magic begins. Water flows through EMF-free channels providing active and consistent control.

  • Made to fit any size + style mattress
  • High-loft jacquard stretchable top cloth
  • machine washable
  • polyester fill with 1/8 inches hydronic tubing
  • polyester bottom with waterproof coating
  • 7 foot (2.1 meters) link adjustable base prepared

OOLER app For Smartphones

Introducing the OOLER app with state-of-the-art sleep scheduling + warm awake.

  • Presenting the OOLER app warm awake setting.
  • Programmable sleep schedules for daily use
  • Warm awake characteristic as alarm clock replacement
  • Advanced low water alarms
  • Auto on/off time to preschool or preheat before bed


The OOLER tackles the concept of bed cooling uniquely. It’s one of the bed cooling products that may handle more severe heat problems. Ok, menopausal women pay attention!!  You will love it.

The most crucial point is that it may keep you cool all night long. And that’s a significant advantage compared to most gel pads and cloth toppers that have a tendency to work for a few hours ahead of your body heat overwhelm them.

It works by what’s mostly a cooling water system. It comprises semiconductor technology, adjusting the temperature of the water as it flows through the base unit.

You situate the pad on top of your mattress set the temperature you want to sleep on and cooled water will circulate within the tubes. The mat and tubes are well built so that you don’t feel them below you, and are strong enough to serve the test of time.

The temperature range means it you can use it for heating or cooling, with a range of 60° — 110° Fahrenheit (15.5° — 43° Celsius). With dual remote controlled units for larger bed sizes’ choice, you and your spouse can have the exact temperature you need.

A possible issue for some individuals might be that it takes around 30 min to install. It is worth to remember that you don’t just plug it in and leave it.  You need to download the app, create an account with your email, then follow the installations steps on the app.  We recommend using clean distilled water.  You can play with different temperature settings in the first few weeks until you find your optimal sleep temperature.  Most people like the high 60’s for sleeping.

Another analysis is that although the newer design consists of quieter fans, they do still produce some noise. So if you are easily bothered by noise, you might feel an issue. When placing the unit on the ground near your bed, you can use it as a white noise maker.

The new OOLER  Sleep System is an excellent cooling device and worth considering if you require something to reduce body heat throughout the night or in the winter to keep your bed warm.

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