Can A Mattress Really Impact Your Sleep?

Another night spent tossing and turning?

What is the secret to sleep better?

A good mattress can be the best sleep aid, and it has no side effects. Start the search now!

How do mattresses affect our sleep quality?

Mattress stores seem to be popping up left and right. How can we choose the best mattress? Normally, we test a mattress before purchasing it is by the “flop test.” The flop test is an individual flopping onto the mattress, and if it feels right, it’s the one.

But there is so much more to buying a mattress and making sure we will be able to have a good night’s sleep, night after night. One of the best ways is checking out the mattress reviews online.  Another way is to test a mattress is how we feel while we are sleeping and not awake.

The Research Triangle International and Dr. Andy Krystal and Jack Edinger from Duke University did a 4-year trial to see how mattresses affected our sleep and discovered that different support (firmness) of the mattress affected our sleep and our alertness during the day. Tossing and turning is an obvious factor that our mattress is not right for us. We want our mattress to be our best sleep aid.

What to look for in a mattress?

The mattress should support our backs properly, not too soft and not too firm.  We should not wake up with sore shoulders or our necks hurting.

Let’s consider this, one of the top mattresses on the market, can appear to be semi-firm to an adult weighing about 180 pounds but now, another adult that weighs 240 pounds lays on the same mattress and describes it as medium soft. The firmness of a mattress changes according to our weight.

Mattress reviews often describe certain mattresses as soft, fluffy, medium firm, semi-firm or firm but which is the correct firmness to have a good night’s sleep? Well, trusting the label saying medium firm can be misleading, as we saw above the individual’s weight can change the firmness. We need to judge for ourselves.


Why do we need proper support?

To answer this question, we need to understand what happens when we sleep. As we all know,  we need to reach REM (Rapid eye movement) that is just one of the many stages of sleep we need to pass through each night.

That is why a good mattress is the best sleep aid for us because sleeping medicines produce side-effects that interrupt these stages of sleep altogether, we may be able to sleep, but we are not refreshed in the morning.  As we dream, in REM stage, our body becomes totally lifeless, in the sense that all the muscles are so relaxed that they don’t move.

So we lose the support of our skeletal muscle tone and lose spinal support during REM sleep, so the mattress has to support us 100%. If the mattress is too soft, we will wake up in pain and sore and more exhausted, because our sub-conscience will wake us up to move to another position, and that will continue, creating the tossing and turning.

So the best way to learn how to sleep better is to understand what happens to our body when we are in a deep sleep.

Picking the right one.

Shopping for the right mattress can be challenging and daunting, but don’t give up. The perfect mattress for you is out there. Look online and check out the mattress reviews and compare the quality of the ones with the best reviews.

Once you have narrowed the list down, find out where they are sold in your area. Go and try them out personally, if you have a partner who shares your bed, go together and lie on the bed, in the same positions as you would at home, because the weight of you two will affect the firmness of the mattress. Try and have a little nap.

Some even bring their pillows to the mattress store and lay down with them to see how it feels. It takes some time to choose the mattress that is right for you, but soon you will be sleeping like a baby.

The key to how to sleep better is finding the right mattress for you that will provide you with the support needed to allow having a long and satisfying night’s sleep. See this video on how to sleep better:



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