Firm Mattress Toppers – Why You Need One

Mattress toppers are an extra layer of padding that one can add to the top of an existing mattress so as to make it more softer feeling, luxurious and also protecting the mattress beneath. The firm mattress topper usually stretches or has elasticized corners straps to tie it around your existing mattress. When it comes to the mattress topper, they come in many different forms and can be filled with many different materials; depending on these two factors, they would offer different sleeping characteristics.

Type of fillers used

Though there are a number of fillers that can be used in mattress toppers, the most common ones include duck feathers, pure wool, synthetic foams and memory foams. Each of the above filler has a different compressive property and therefore you’ll have to see which one suits your body type the best.

Difference between a firm mattress topper and quilt

More often than not, mattress toppers have a quilted format and they appear similar to a routine quilt. What makes it different from the quilt though is that you lay down on top of it unlike the quilt, where you creep under it. Furthermore, the function of a topper is to provide padding not warmth; therefore, it tends to have a bouncier feel than a quilt.

Firm mattress topper– why you may need one?

There are many valid reasons as to why you may need a firm mattress topper for your mattress. Some of these include:

  • Some mattresses can feel very firm and sometimes even hard. Opting for a firm mattress topper will ensure that you have an additional layer of cushioning, which in turn will give a more relaxing and softer feel to your bed.
  • If you have a bed that is based on conventional spring design, you can benefit from the latest bedding technology like that of memory foam. New materials like latex or memory foam and even gels can provide one with a mold-able sleeping layer, which has the ability to adjust itself to the unique curves of an individual’s body. Doctors, these days, are recommending toppers and mattresses made out of these materials.
  • Majority of the modern beds add a top layer of some material like latex memory foam to the regular spring based mattress. When you get mattress topper with latex or memory foam inside, you get the same effect; however, you don’t have to spend money buying the new mattress.
  • Last but not the least, mattress topper add a luxuriant and warm feeling to your standard mattress and allow you to customize your sleeping environment by adding this additional layer of cushioning. With fillers available in many different forms such as feathers, wool, gel etc., you’re sure to find something that suits your individual needs.

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Which topper will work best for me?

Everyone is made different and so everyone has his own unique sleeping style and mattress preferences; so, to find out the best topper for you, your best bet would be to do a little research on the different filler materials that are used in firm mattress topper and what their cushioning properties are. Then you can see which material is best suited to your body type and body weight.


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